Clear Your Aura with a Natural Spa Bath!!!

Here is a great way to really pamper, take care of yourself…spend some much needed alone time nurturing yourself! At least once a week….clear your aura, your energy field of all the energetic sh** you pick up. Plus raise your … Continue reading

My Own Twin Flame Story!

Many people have asked me about my own Twin Flame story…wanting to know how things happened for me. One of the main things I can say is I asked for help from the other side, the Divine, Source, God, the … Continue reading

Twin Flame-Soul Mate: Healing Meditation with the Violet Flame

I just received this Testimonial on my Violet Flame Meditation to Attract Your Twin Flame/Soul Mate…. “Just listened….wonderful! Made me laugh out loud a few times….and now I am pleasantly tingling!”…Faith All the ‘work’ that I do has to do … Continue reading

Twin Flame/Soul Mate Online Workshop

I’ve had many people tell me over the years interested in my workshops, but just can’t make it either because of time or distance. I am starting to get portions of the workshops online. Here is my first one…Twin Flame/Soul … Continue reading

Twin Flame-Soul Mate: Healing Meditation with the Violet Flame

Are you searching for your one true love, your Twin Flame/Soul Mate? Are you ready for your Twin Flame Reunion? Are you ready to clear the SH** from your Life? This is a Violet Flame Healing Meditation for Twin Flames/Soul … Continue reading

Healing Meditation with the Violet Flame

This Meditation uses the Violet Flame to Heal. The Violet Flame Transforms, Transmutes, it’s basically Spiritual Alchemy! Give the Violet Flame your negative energy, your negative Karma, anything that is blocking you from the Life You Desire…it will Transmute it! … Continue reading