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 The energy in our homes can literally be holding us back from the Life that we Desire. If it has a lot of lower, negative energy…either from ourselves, others, our items…or previous owners/tenants…this energy can literally block us from our Dreams.


I’ve been doing a lot of Distance Space Clearings lately because many people around the world are waking up to this fact that we are all energy…that everything is connected. The more we can raise our vibration in our homes….the better off our lives will be. Our homes should be our sanctuary, our safe place from the outside world. It should protect us and make us feel really good.

My goal is to work as a team with my Distance Space Clearing clients, to work together to clear the energies in their home.  I teach them certain things they can do on their end to enhance the space clearings, their homes…. things that I have learned over the years. I was guided recently to add another aspect to my Distance Space Clearings. To put an audio/video together for clients to learn more from me.  In everything that I do, I work with Higher Beings….the other side…including my space clearings.  I work with these Higher Beings to help clear the lower energies, the negative energies in the home. Then we enhance, enrich the energy in the home. (by the way…I do this for homes, business’s, office’s etc…any space that needs clearing)

I channeled a 40 minute presentation on teaching you about clearing energies and a ritual/meditation on actually working with these higher beings in your home….to live a better life…to help you clear energy blocks and attract the life that you truly desire!  

***Side note….I am sharing with you a small portion of what I do in Space Clearings….I do much more than what is on the Video…either in person or from a Distance.

$22.22 for the Meditation…you can play it as many times as you want

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