New Years Rituals: 2021

2020 has been a challenging year to say the least. A year that will forever be imprinted in our minds, hearts, and history books. Even though we have seen a little flicker of light at the end of the tunnel, … Continue reading

My Specialties, As a Spiritual Advisor (+ new stuff!)

I am constantly growing and evolving and updating what I offer…. I am creating a unique snapshot of my clients personalities using birth charts, numerology, personality profiles, etc. (This will all be done by hand, not computer generated) and it will include a one on … Continue reading

Soul Awakening Coaching: Live the Life You Desire!

Thru the Soul Awakening Coaching, I will be assist you in Igniting Your Power to Attract…Create the Life You Desire! I will give you different ways to manifest, use the law of attraction, clear energy blocks, possibly guide you thru … Continue reading

An Auspicious Year 2018! Powerful Energies From the Universe!

  This is going to be a Magical year ahead for energies and I wanted to share it with you! We are entering a massive energy shift which we greatly need! I am going to share a lot of great info … Continue reading

Setting Intentions and Manifesting With the Full Moon for 2018!

  Even though we are leaving the full moon phase, this is an incredible ritual that I suggest doing it whenever you can! It will help you get focused, set your intentions for what you are bringing into your life! … Continue reading

New Years Rituals: 2018

New Years is a time to reflect, to let go of what no longer serves you and to plant the seeds for the upcoming year. Here are some ideas on how to raise your vibration quicker in the New Year…to Create the Life you Desire! … Continue reading

Healing Meditation with the Violet Flame

This Meditation uses the Violet Flame to Heal. The Violet Flame Transforms, Transmutes, it’s basically Spiritual Alchemy! Give the Violet Flame your negative energy, your negative Karma, anything that is blocking you from the Life You Desire…it will Transmute it! … Continue reading

A Very Auspicious Virgo Full Moon and the Power of 222!

Today is a very auspicious day! It is the Virgo Full Moon plus it is February 22….222…It’s about Manifesting Miracles in your life. Trust that the other side is assisting you in your Creating your Dreams. Trust that the Universe … Continue reading

Full Moon Cleansing Ritual and Video

The Full Moon is nature telling us it’s time to release. We are Full of Emotions. Learning to work with Mother Moon during this time can heighten your release. Let it Go, Give it to Mother Moon, to the Universe, … Continue reading

Sagittarius Full moon tonight….Dream On!

With the Sagittarius Full moon tonight….this is a great time to let go and give all of your unwanted energy, baggage…sh** to Mother Moon…to the Universe, to the Divine. To find out how Go To Full Moon Ritual Follow Your Dreams…The Sagittarius Full Moon … Continue reading