New Years Rituals: 2019

New Years is a time to reflect, to let go of what no longer serves you and to plant the seeds for the upcoming year. Here are some ideas on how to raise your vibration quicker in the New Year…to Create the Life you Desire! … Continue reading

Special on Chakra Readings!

For a Limited Time, I will be offering this special on Chakra Readings over the phone. Along with finding out which Chakra you should give your love and attention to, I will share info about which Crystals, Archangels, Essential Oils/Herbs, … Continue reading

Learn about Crystal’s Workshop/Potluck: Men and Women!

This is a basic 101 class, but it will be full of great info. I will teach mostly about working with Clear Crystal Quartz since this is the BIG DADDY of all of them, but I will delve into other’s … Continue reading

Mother Nature’s Perfect Healing Crystal for Depression and Anxiety

During this past year I have gotten off of my anti anxiety, anti depression medicine. I discovered through Athena that Lepidolite has Lithium in it. Lithium is what the Pharmaceutical Companies use in their anti anxiety/anti depression prescriptions. They actually … Continue reading

My Spiritual Specialties!

Many people have asked me about what I do….since I have my fingers in a lot of things! I am a woman with many Spiritual Hats! I have several spiritually based businesses…but they all have things in common….I work with … Continue reading

How I Survived 2017

*Affiliate* I spent the majority of 2017 working on myself, on My Healing Journey. Rising. I would not have been able to survive, let alone thrive, without Dr Athena Perrakis, and her spiritually based business, Sage Goddess. I had been … Continue reading

Get Grounded! It’s All about the Root Chakra!

***This one is for women only…but will be putting one together soon for both men and women. Contact me if you are interested in this, so we can figure out a date! Also this is in my home in Verona. … Continue reading

Clear Your Aura with a Natural Spa Bath!!!

Here is a great way to really pamper, take care of yourself…spend some much needed alone time nurturing yourself! At least once a week….clear your aura, your energy field of all the energetic sh** you pick up. Plus raise your … Continue reading

My Soul’s Journey…my “About Me” page

I’ve been asked recently about my life….what brought me to do the things that I do as a Spiritual Advisor and the Intuitive Realtor. So I thought I would just share a little of my history with all of you…I … Continue reading