Connect With Your Loved One’s Across the Veil Workshop

Our loved ones that have passed are not as far from us as we think. They are just Beyond the Veil and the Veil is an Illusion. They are much closer than we realize. They connect with us and give us signs all the time. It’s only when we pay attention, acknowledge these signs that we start to realize how Magical the Universe really is.

I was already connected to some of these signs prior to my Michael’s passing, but it became extremely apparent with his passing how connected we really are to our loved ones. I will share some of my stories. You can also visit my blog to read more and view the very cool Orb/Mist videos that I have taken…Michael Beyond the Veil.

This is the perfect time of year to do this, as the Veil is thin with Halloween/Samhain. This means it is easier to connect with our dearly departed.

This workshop will teach you how to pay attention, what signs to look for and to realize there are no coincidences. We can connect with our loved ones. They can help us just as God, the angels, our spirit guides assist us. They want us to live a life of joy, love, peace and ease. I will share ways that I connect to Michael.

Please bring a picture of at least one loved one.

(I am planning on recording this. As long as the video works out, I will offer it for sale)

Tues October 30th 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm (or a little later)

$25.00 Please pay thru PayPal or contact me to pay me directly.

You can also contact Heidi to send her a check or make other payment arrangements for the class.

*Space is limited so sign up early.

**All scheduled workshops are in my home in Verona, WI. unless otherwise stated. Once you have registered, I will give you my address.

***Cancellation Policy:

You will be given credit for another class if you cancel 24 hours prior to the class, otherwise you forfeit the purchase price. Also, you will only be given credit to attend 1 class, if you cancel on that class, payment will be forfeited.

Much Love, Light, Joy and Many Blessings!

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