Celebrate the Turn of the Wheel, Winter Solstice/Yule

***This one is for women only in my Verona home.Once you have paid, I will give you my home address.***

Come celebrate the Magic of the Season! The first day of Winter is Thurs Dec 21. Learn how to work with the Energy of Turning the Seasonal Wheel. This day has the fewest hours of the sun in the entire year. The word Solstice means to ‘Stand Still” Even though the days ahead will be longer sunlight, it will look as if things are standing still. Hopefully we will have a sunny day as the sun is to be directly overhead at high-noon!

This is a Season full of Magic. We will go within and connect deeply with ourselves, become quiet and turn inward. It’s a time of rest and renewal. Come and tune into the Magic of the Season. Feed your Spirit. Listen to your Soul. Renew your connections to yourself and others. Honor this quiet time, this time of hibernation.

We will do meditations and rituals to work with this beautiful, changing energy. Come find out about what crystals, essential oils, herbs and foods are connected to the Winter Solstice and Much, Much More!!!

We will have a little potluck…right at 6 but mainly I will be teaching. (No wine at this one ladies!)

Fri Thursday Dec 21st 6:00-9:00 PM

$25.00  Prepaid at least 24 hours prior to class to get the discount.


$35.00 Day of Workshop (You must make arrangements ahead of time and pay Heidi directly)
 *You can also contact Heidi to send her a check or make other payment arrangements for the class.

*Space is limited so sign up early.

**All scheduled workshops are in my home in Verona, WI.  Once you have registered, I will give you my address.

***Cancellation Policy:

You will be given credit for another class if you cancel 24 hours prior to the class, otherwise you forfeit the purchase price. Also, you will only be given credit to attend 1 class, if you cancel on that class, payment will be forfeited.

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