Twin Flame/Soul Mate Online Workshop



      •  Are you searching for your one true love, your Twin Flame/Soul Mate?
      • Are you ready for your Twin Flame Reunion?
      • Are you ready to clear the SH** from your Life?
      • It’s time for you to remember, to wake up to who you really are!
      • It’s time for you to Ignite Your Power to Attract…to Attract Your Twin Flame!

I can Assist You With All of This!!!

I have been teaching Twin Flame/Soul Mate workshops for several years and I am now putting them in an audio/video form to share with everyone. This is all something that I have discovered myself on my own Twin Flame/Soul Mate/Spiritual Awakening…Journey! Part of my Soul’s Journey is to share it with others…so they can benefit from what I have learned and to connect with their own Twin Flame!


Here is my own Twin Flame Story…..

Heidi and Mike


The info that I am sharing with you are Meditations, Clearing Energy Blocks that are keeping you from your one true Love, Law of Attraction Rituals, Energy Work, along with working with the “Other Side” among other things. These will help you, Raise Your Vibration, get into alignment, just like they helped me to Manifest Your Twin Flame!


Take a look at my Testimonial Page….one woman’s life completely changed with the 30 minute phone session….
she now has a toddler with her Twin Flame!

Twin Flame/Soul Mate Online Workshop $33.11


The below info is sent to you after you have paid. The workshop is set up for you to do privately, at your own pace, and you can go back and do each of the sections as many times as you want.


This includes the videos below plus Extras:

5 YouTube Videos…


Healing Twin Flame/Soul Mate
1. Twin Flame-Soul Mate Healing with the Violet Flame Meditation: Clear out all of the unwanted SH**…all of the energy blocks, Raise Your Vibration! Work with Archangel Zadkiel and his Twin Flame Holy Amethyst!

Law of Attraction: Twin Flame

2. Law of Attraction/Twin Flame: Learn to use the Law of Attraction to Attract Your Twin Flame
Energy Ball

3. Energy Ball: Learn to work with Energy to attract your Twin Flame
Twin Flames

4. Twin Flame Visualization: A beautiful Visualization/Mediation of interaction with your Twin Flame
Twin Flame: Chakras

5. Twin Flame Chakra’s Meditation: Connect energetically with your Twin Flame


Once you have paid for it, I will send you the private link for the Twin Flame Online Workshop to your email ASAP. Please respect that these were all channeled and not share it with others. You can guide them to purchase it themselves. Thank you!

Here are other Twin Flame/Soul Mate items that I offer!

Twin Flame/ Soul Mate One on One Sessions:

(Click on the above link for prices and more info)

During our one on one session, we will work together on releasing unwanted patterns, energies, blockages…removing old, outdated contracts, DNA, Ancestral History, whatever is no longer serving you in your life right now, whatever is holding you back from you Manifesting your Twin Flame!

Twin Flame/Soul Mate Healing Meditation with the Violet Flame

$11.11  (click on the above link for more info)

This is a Violet Flame Healing Meditation for Twin Flames/Soul Mates, to clear out energy that is stuck in your body, that is keeping you from your one true love.

Here is a link for Twin Flame Testimonials!

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Ignite Your Power to Attract!

Ignite Your Power to Attract! Attract the Life, the Love that You Desire!

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