Heidi’s Manifesto!

This was written in 2012 for a class that I was taking at the time. It is still very much who I am today in 2016. Thought I would share to give a little insight about who I AM!

To be authentic, true to myself, to live life my own way. To trust myself and to listen, always listen to my intuition. To know that I will attract the people, things, moments in my life at the perfect time, in the perfect place to live a fulfilled life. To dream big, see the world, to see what God has created on this beautiful earth. To have fun, joy, be carefree, to always keep Little Heidi Girl alive and well, dancing and smiling through life. To laugh often and not take life too seriously, to always take the time to enjoy, enjoy the small moments in life that just fly by quickly, to take the time to watch the night sky, the flowers in bloom, the snowfall, to play with rocks and play through life, even in my old age. To treasure life, to stretch, to grow, to create, to embrace change, and to hang on to the wonderful ride we call life. To reach new heights, become more than I have ever dreamed, step into the fear and find the unexpected treasures! Breathe in life deeply and enjoy, to love and be loved. To know that my life matters, that I have touched people’s lives and have made an imprint, an impact on others by being who I am. To always create a sacred space in my home.  To go on adventures and field trips, – always learn and explore. Do not always follow the rules, but bend them, break them, to be a rebel, a free-thinker, – to always question, to take risks, to step out of the box. Living in the NOW and be grateful, to be very grateful of what the world, life, God has to offer.

(The one thing that I can add to this is to always give everything I can, the very best to my clients, treat them as I want to be treated…treat them like Family!)

Much Love, Light, Joy and Many Blessings!

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