Special on Chakra Readings!

For a Limited Time, I will be offering this special on Chakra Readings over the phone. Along with finding out which Chakra you should give your love and attention to, I will share info about which Crystals, Archangels, Essential Oils/Herbs, and how to use them on yourself, home, in Rituals or Meditations, plus more. This will be created specifically for you and your needs!

The Chakra Readings are similar to what I do in my ‘Live’ events on my private Facebook page, Ignite Your Power to Attract, but they will be much more involved! I will get into a lot of tips, a lot of detail on how to really heal yourself, your chakra. Just check out the ‘Live’ feed and you will get an idea of how I work.

A Reading will include a lot of detail, a lot of tips. This will help you with healing your Chakra, Your Energy, Your Body,Your Life.  The more you can understand chakras, how energy works, your energy will flow, this in turn creates a higher your Vibration in your body….the higher your Vibration….the faster you will Manifest and Create the Life of Your Dreams!!!

Everything that I share are things that I have done.  The past couple of years have been pure hell, but I Am Rising!
I am sharing what I have done to Raise My Own Vibration with you! 

Please Scroll for Testimonials.

Chakra Reading:

15 min $20.00  $15.00

30 min $35.00 $25.00

Once you have purchased, please email me or send me a message through Facebook Messenger and we will figure out the perfect date/time.
(I am in WI, Central Time Zone!)

*FYI, these are not Readings of yes, no or specific questions. I may get info on it, but it is whatever Spirit gives me.


  • Heidi, thank you so much for the reading! These sessions are so helpful and informative. Thanks for sharing your gifts! Miss you!
  • Wow,  I was just starting to work on some chakras this week… spot on thank  you sweetie love you!
  • Thank You so much for sharing WOW! I was just talking about exactly what you’re saying
  • Thank you so much!!! I’m struggling so much in my job lately.  That is exactly what I need to do to balance myself out….
  • Thank you so much Heidi.  This reading is spot on.  I really have been feeling all over the place for a while now and I continue to struggle staying grounded.  I love and appreciate your advice.  You continue to inspire me.  Thank you again!
  • My reading with you a month ago..was so cleansing..unfortunately so much negativity has clouded my judgement again. Would appreciate a reading when I can catch your next Live..So excited to see you growing in your passion for helping others..You are so in touch with those you care about. So proud  of you for continuing to learn…and not be fake or pretend to guide those who call out for help with your true knowledge

    Once you have purchased, please email me or send me a message through Facebook Messenger and we will figure out the perfect date/time!

    I invite you to join my Private Facebook Group…

    Ignite Your Power to Attract!

    Ignite Your Power to Attract! Attract the Life, the Love that You Desire!

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