Thriving in 2018: A Year of Magic


The Universe is Pure Magic! It works in Mysterious, Magical ways. It is absolutely fine that you are skeptical, I was too.  I’m not anymore. I have seen Magic and Miracles everyday, for years, but now it is even more so.  The more I Believe, the more I See! This is not something that is just in me, it’s in All of us. This is something that our Ancestors knew, but we have lost in our culture. We have lost it through our industrial and technological age. The Magic is now opening up to us again. We need to combine all of it, embrace all of it in order to thrive in our society these days.

We are All Pure Energy, this is a scientific fact. What is difficult for most of us to grasp is that We Are All Connected. Our energy is connected to everyone and everything on earth and Beyond.  We Are All Beautiful Magical Creatures. We are absolutely powerful beyond measure. It is my mission, my journey in 2018 to help others become more aware of this energy too. I am sharing how to tap into it, how to raise your vibration, and Believe, Trust, that there is much, much more than we realize is out there. Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not real!

Well, I actually do have something that you can see. It’s a video that I took a year ago today in my Living Room in Verona, WI. It is proof there is much more than our eye can see. I have a normal house, a normal room, a normal video camera on my phone. Nothing is added or retouched on this video. The only thing that I did last year was shorten tw0 videos and combine them into one.  

This is my Boyfriend/Twin-Flame, Michael’s energy. He passed Aug 22, 2016. He comes to me regularly. He puts on Orb Shows regularly, the Mist was unusual!  In this link there are many videos. I invite you to take a look, read through my blog about Michael’s escapades after he passed. It’s pretty amazing and it’s all true, no fiction here.

I fell apart after he passed, completely devastated, and lots of trauma. 2017 was a pretty crazy-ass ride, but I rose. I decided to be here on Earth I wanted to Live a good life, I wanted to heal, and help other’s with my journey, my Story.

By my sharing my story, my past, my techniques to heal, and especially learning about the Magic of the Universe,
I can help you too. I can help you to live the life of your dreams.
Here is a list of my Spiritual Specialties


  If you don’t know my story please take a look at my previous blogs, I had a pretty intense ride! I am ready to get off, slow things down and I am really enjoying my life and loved one’s again. It’s been a long process. A lot of Healing. A lot of tears. But I am here…Rising.

It’s Time. My Time Time to Thrive. My Time to Rise.

My Rise From the Depths of Despair

‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ was playing in the background when I had an ‘Aha’ moment. This was ‘me’ last year, I was knocking.
And It’s Time. It’s Time for me to open up, open up and share my darkest secret.

How I Survived 2017

I spent the majority of 2017 working on myself, healing myself. Rising. I would not have been able to survive, let alone thrive,
without Dr Athena Perrakis, and her spiritually based business, Sage Goddess.

My Rise: Raising My Vibration

Part of Raising my Vibration was realizing there are times that I need to step back and release. Take care of myself.
If the tears need to come, I let them flow, I release them, I give that energy over to God.

In 2017, I got off of my anti-anxiety, anti-depression medicine. I discovered through Sage Goddess that the crystal, Lepidolite, has Lithium in it. Lithium is what the Pharmaceutical Companies use in their anti-anxiety/anti-depression prescriptions. I have several pieces of Lepodolite that I have in my home, carry with me, I even started putting it in my shower or bath so I can soak it in through my skin. This is an example of what our Ancestors knew. What different cultures, tribes around the world have done for centuries to heal.

Mother Earth gives us exactly what we need in order to heal.

 Here is a blog about New Years Rituals to Help You Leap into 2018!

 I would be happy to help any of you navigate these difficult times.
Please contact me if you have any comments or questions.

Much Love and Blessings during this Beautiful Holiday Season and On Into 2018!.

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