My Rise: Raising My Vibration

***Possible Trigger***
Many people have asked me how I’ve been able to do so well, what have I been doing this past year? Here is a little bit.

As a side note: Very few knew how low I hit. I never shared with anyone until the Spring, mainly because I had physically damaged my body and I knew in order to heal, I had to speak up. This is also why I discovered my Fibromyalgia. Trauma magnifies it. I am sharing to shed a light on death, on pain. To not brush people aside but to see them as they really are. We are all one. There is no separateness. The only way that I can come to terms with everything is to Let it go, Let God and to Rise Up.

This also turned into a much bigger blog than I intended. I am just writing a few things here and will expand on them, add other’s in upcoming blogs.

Basically ever since I hurt myself, I realized that God and Michael still want me here. My mission, my soul’s journey is not over. I decided that if I’m to stay here, I want to feel really good. This has been my ultimate goal. My days are filled with self-love, taking care of myself, and my dog new rescued French Bulldog, Harley. These have been my priority this year, but in 2018 this will ultimately help others.

This is the vibrational scale by Dr David Hawkins. (Here is a link for more info) look at what is at the bottom, red. This is where I was immediately after Michael’s passing and I kept creeping lower and lower. If God hadn’t saved me I would have hit zero. I’ve spent this past year Rising. Going up the scale. Yes there are days that I back-slide, but mostly I stay the same or slowly move up. Typically I am in the light-blue range.

A few years ago when I first started to study this scale, the average American was at 225, neutrality. Think about how much our country has changed, how we have such extreme contrasts between the light and the dark. The more that you as an individual can move up the scale, not only will you be better off, but you will change the vibration of those you come into contact with. This includes your family, your children, your co-workers, your neighbors. Then it continues with the people that they come into contact with. The higher vibrations can just as easily effect other’s, just as a lower vibration does. Set yourself on a new journey. Be the beam of ‘Light’ for others!

Part of Raising my Vibration was realizing there are times that I need to step back and release. Take care of myself. If the tears need to come, I let them flow, I release them, I give that energy over to God. It doesn’t do me or my body any good to hold on, to stuff those feelings down. Sometimes when I released in the past, I had no idea why. I didn’t need to know. You don’t need to analyze your feelings all the time. It could be releasing from a childhood incident or even past life. Just let it flow and give that unwanted energy to God.

If I don’t release, I know they will show up in other ways, in health issues, in rage, in low vibrations. I am here to heal, heal myself, and in that share what I’ve done to help others heal. We have the power to do this. It’s paying attention to our thoughts, our actions, our behavior, listening to how our body feels, all of it.

Many of these things that I’m talking about that I’ve done have to do with my spirituality.

Here is a little list:

*Meditating: Here is a good one that I channeled a few years ago. Release With the Violet Flame
* Creating Altars specifically for my needs, my passions.
One of these is specifically set up for me to work with Michael. Not in a sad, missing him way, but for me to connect with him. For me to have him help me with my path here on Earth.
*Doing Reiki, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing etc on myself
*Learning about herbs and how they can help attract or with different ailments that I am having.
*Surrounding my home with Healing Crystals. Take a look on my pages about Lepidolite and how this crystal helped me!
*Turning my bath tub into a Spa! I do this on a regular basis.

As I said, I will add more pages to this on how I Raised My Vibration in 2017 and will continue into 2018. I am happy to share as I believe this will ultimately benefit everyone.

The best I can do now is move forward. Live a life that Michael would want me to do. Continue to move forward with our dreams and create new one’s of my own. I know he is helping me from the Other-Side. I see signs on a daily basis that he is watching over me. I am honoring myself, living in the moment, loving and caring for myself and in doing so, hoping this can help/benefit other’s as well.

One last thing that I want to say. I am extremely blessed by so many that love me and have helped me on my journey this past year. There are too many to name, but I want to especially thank my parents, my brother, and a special thanks to my sister, and my son. If I hadn’t had their unconditional support on this journey, I don’t know where I would be.

This is the first part of my story: My Rise: Rising From the Depth’s of Despair:

‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ was playing in the background when I had an ‘Aha’ moment. This was ‘me’ last year, I was knocking. And It’s Time. It’s Time for me to open up, open up and share my darkest secret. My Rise: Rising From the Depth’s of Despair

Here is another part of My Story: How I Survived 2017

The Wisdom of Sage Goddess was one constant, the one regular thing that kept me going throughout the days and nights, weeks and months ahead. How I Survived 2017

I would be happy to help any of you navigate these difficult times.
Please contact me if you have any comments or questions.

Much love and blessings during this Beautiful Holiday Season.

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