How I Survived 2017


I spent the majority of 2017 working on myself, on My Healing Journey. Rising. I would not have been able to survive, let alone thrive, without Dr Athena Perrakis, and her spiritually based business, Sage Goddess.

I had been a student of hers for over a year. In 2017 her classes evolved and she offered a Holistic Healers program. These courses helped me more than I can express. Her wisdom, her mentorship, her gigantic heart has helped me more than she will ever know.

Along with Athena’s wisdom, at Sage Goddess, today’s technology played a huge role on me thriving. Athena teaches the classes ‘Live’ from CA. She uses a video recorder and goes ‘Live’ either through YouTube or Facebook, so people from all over the world can communicate with her. I was able to watch her on my TV screen, my computer screen or my smart phone. In her Holistic Healer Class she talked about Goddesses, our Elders, Rituals, Mythology, Crystals, Sacred Geometry, Lemuria, Aromatherapy, Herbs, Runes, Healing, Energy, Dimensions, Astral Travel, Astrology, Ancient Civilizations, the Pyramids, Sound Healing, Chakras, the list can go on and on. Let’s just say I learned a helluva lot! Athena took us down many rabbit holes!


This is exactly what I needed. I had access to everything after her ‘Live’ classes. I could watch them as many times as I wanted, each time learning something new. I have always been a life-long learner, a continuous student of things that fascinate me. In the past 20 years, I’ve thrived on gaining knowledge on all things Mystical and Magical. They spark a fire deep within me.

During this past year I have gotten off of my anti anxiety, anti depression medicine. I discovered through Athena that Lepidolite has Lithium in it. Lithium is what the Pharmaceutical Companies use in their anti-anxiety/anti-depression prescriptions. They actually send trucks out to the Lepidolite mines to get their Lithium. I now have several pieces of Lepidolite around my home and I carry with me wherever I go.

Athena also created private Facebook groups which helped me tremendously. I was able to connect with women and men that shared similar passions as I have, day or night. These were Magical Sacred Spaces for me. Yes, I live alone with my Harley Boy, but because of these groups, I never felt alone. No drama, no mean girl SH** is allowed. They are very loving environments. Exactly what I needed and still need.

Along with me evolving, Rising, so is Sage Goddess.  Athena is changing her teachings in 2018. Her Holistic Healer program will delve  into even deeper subjects. We will study a different Ancient Civilization each month, see the map below. In January, we will learn about Mesopotamia and Sumeria. Athena will teach us about their culture, their magic, how they used herbs and oils and how they worked with Mother Earth. Along with these teachings, we will learn how to incorporate it into our modern life. The classes are broken down into 3 sections at $20.00 each per month. I started Magical Sabbatical January 2016. The entire Holistic Healer Program is $60.00 a month, basically $2.00 per day. Plus, there is no contract.

Magical Sabbatical : Magical and Ritual Practices that our Ancestors knew and  how use them in our daily life!

Gemwise: Learning the Healing Properties, the crystalline structures, and how to use them. Plus much more!

AroMagic: Herbs and Essential Oils, the Healing Properties, how to use them, recipes…much, much more!

Holistic Healers : 
This consists of all 3 classes. I will receive my First year Holistic Healer’s certificate at the end of the year. 2018’s Theme is the ‘A World of Magic’! 

I have to add that Athena offers much more education through out the month beside the individual monthly classes. In 2017 she added Runes, Numerology, Lumeria, every month we had an extra class each month. Plus she does ‘Live’ videos at the Tucson and Denver gem-shows that teaches us so much more about crystals. I couldn’t tell you how much wisdom I gained from her classes!


In the upcoming 2018, Holistic Healer Course we will study Archeology, Legend and Lore, Mythology, Aromatherapy, Geology, Herbs, History, Philosophy, Crystals, Literature on each of the Ancient Civilizations we study each month. Take a look at the map and see all of the Ancient Civilizations!

Along with the changes for 2018, Sage Goddess is starting an Affiliate Program. Because of how much she has helped me, inspired me, I became a Sage Goddess Advisor. All this involves is continuing with her Holistic Healer program, no additional fees, no merchandise to purchase. There is also an Affiliate Level, which has no cost involved, no required classes etc.

I also have to add, I’ve been taking Spiritual classes for over 20 years. I have paid hundreds of dollars for them. Well over $100 for a monthly class. I’ve also been locked into several contracts. Nothing is  wrong with this as I loved those programs as well. They helped me get to where I am in life.  But Sage Goddess offers so much more, at a very low price comparatively. $60.00 a month, basically  $2.00 a day. For all of it! Advisors status included! You can also do individual classes for just $20.00! I’ve never seen a teacher offer so much, for so little. I’m in awe!

***I have been contacted by many, many over the years and have not really gotten involved with any product.
This is a company I am proud to stand behind because it Literally Saved My Life!***

Back to my journey…I absolutely could not have thrived, especially with Wisconsin winters, working at home and just living with Harley. I can’t imagine how I would have survived without these classes, Athena’s wisdom and the Tribe of Beautiful Soul’s on those long days/nights at home.

There is so much more that I can share about the Magic of Sage Goddess but I will leave it at this.  Click on the link, scroll through the website, the classes, the products, the blog. It’s overwhelming. BTW, I forgot to tell you, Athena has created the largest spiritual shop in the world!

As for myself, I am a very strong believer things are meant to happen. It was Michael’s time to go, but not mine. I was meant to hit the lowest of my lows so I can rise, be an example of how things can change if you set your mind to it.

We also have access to the Other-Side. Michael has been guiding me, watching over me all along. He’s keeping me safe, protecting me, and helping me Rise.

As I said earlier, I have taken many spiritual classes over the years. I will be receiving my first year Holistic Healer Certificate at the end of the year. I also have my Soul Coaching, Reiki Master, Energy Healer etc. I invite you to check out my About Me page.


This is the first part of my story. My Rise: Rising From the Depth’s of Despair:

‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ was playing in the background when I had an ‘Aha’ moment. This was ‘me’ last year, I was knocking. And It’s Time. It’s Time for me to open up, open up and share my darkest secret. My Rise: Rising From the Depth’s of Despair

 Here is another part of My Story:My Rise: Raising My Vibration

I share what I did to Raise my Vibration, to not only dig myself out of the Black hole, but to Rise. My Rise: Raising My Vibration

I would be happy to help any of you navigate these difficult times.
Please contact me if you have any comments or questions.

Much love and blessings during this Beautiful Holiday Season.


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