Beyond the Veil: With My Michael: Part 5

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In this 5th installment, I am going to share a little history about myself, my life….my life with dogs. I have been a dog lover all of my life, I’ve had a huge connection to them. I had a dog straight for 22 years, until the Summer of 2016….

Mr Beefy Beefcake

On June 7, 2016, we had to put my rescued French Bulldog down, Mr Beefy Beefcake. How he came into my life was another Miracle using the Law of Attraction and Beefy Beefcake. Beefy and I had a very special relationship right from the very first meeting, extremely close. As I grew to know him, I discovered he was a very sensitive healing dog! When I had people over to my house, he knew immediately who needed the most healing and would go directly to them. A very special boy indeed.

Knowing we were going to have to put Beefy down, I talked to him a lot about sending me signs, letting me know he was around me. The morning after he passed, Michael and I were sitting on his back porch, drinking our coffee. This was our morning ritual. I looked out into the fields and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing….two cranes! We spent many hours on that porch and I had NEVER seen cranes in the fields! This was my sign from my Beefy that we was still around! In animal symbolism, the crane is seen as a bird capable of flying to the heavens…..a go-between the Heavens and Earth!

pair of cranes

(BTW…this is the same porch that Michael passed)

Michael had a Lab named Shadow that had to be put down in October of 2015…in 8 months we had lost 2 of our beloved dogs. Michael would say that he wasn’t an animal person…but that wasn’t true. If Beefy had the choice between Michael or myself…he would choose to sit with Michael. This is a picture of Beefy getting the Laser Eye from his cat Leopard….she was not a fan of Beefy…she didn’t like sharing Mike!


Loosing Beefy was extremely hard on me. The summer was a rough one without him, there were definitely times that depression would set in. I work out of my home and Beefy was my constant companion for 8 years. This was something Mike had a hard time understanding. He loved animals, but he didn’t realize the extent my connection was to them. I knew that the timing wasn’t right to get another dog. We were gone a lot in the summer….taking long rides on the bike and it just wouldn’t be fair to a new pet…but it was very hard on me.

I knew I wanted a rescue, but I was open to a French Bulldog, Pug, Boston Terrier, and possibly an English Bulldog…I am in love with the squishy face! Even though I knew the timing wasn’t right for a dog, I would spend a lot of time looking at the rescue sites, even filling out applications…just in case. Mike was adamant that I get a French Bulldog, preferably a young one. I think underneath it all…he really wanted a French Bulldog and he wanted one that had the chance to be around as long as possible. He couldn’t stand to see me upset.


Even though I missed Beefy terribly, we had a wonderful summer. We did a lot of things together that would have made it much more difficult to do if Beefy was still with us. I know it was a Blessing in disguise, especially looking back at all of it now.

The day before Mike passed away, Aug 21, 2016, he really shocked me by what he said. He told me that I should get another dog, that it was time. This was coming from a man who said he would be fine if he never had another dog. Definitely another sign that subconsciously he knew he didn’t have much time left.

I really stepped up my search after Michael passed. My sister, Karen, who had stayed with me for 2 weeks, and another friend had written letters on my behalf to the rescue sites. We were doing everything we could to find me a dog. Life without Beefy was bad enough, now with My Michael gone too…in order for me to go on, to survive, I had to get another dog.

After Mikes passing, I was busy with all the things that go along with that, plus having my sister in town really helped. I was also planning a Celebration of Michael’s life for Sunday, September 11, 1016. As my sister was getting ready to leave, she said, ‘The dog will come into your life, once the Life Celebration is over’. Little did I know how true those words were.


The morning of Friday, September 9th, I was pouring over the rescue sites…looking for that one dog. I found one that I was unsure about because he didn’t have that great of a photo, kinda sad…but I thought I would at least look into it. I sent an email asking for the application. Within a short time frame it was sent to me. Then I got a phone call from the Foster mom, Diana. We talked for quite a while, I shared my story about Beefy and Michael with her. She sent me video of the dog and I was much more happy seeing him running around in her yard….a playful little pup! I filled out the application and she told me she would have an answer by that evening. This was crazy to me. All the other places needed a lot of time to process the applications. Not only did they get hundreds of applications per dog, but they also had to do a home check, check references etc. Sometimes the process takes months.

Diana called me that night to inform me that my application was accepted! It was up to me now to decide if I wanted him and to go get him. His name was Tex. He was a 4 year old French Bulldog that had been in a puppy mill in Texas. He was a stud dog, who wasn’t doing his job. He was surrendered and ended up in Diana’s Foster Care in Tulsa, OK. He had a hernia, that needed to be fixed, otherwise he was in perfect health.

This is the miracle part….he would have gotten out of the puppy mill and into Foster Care right after Michael passed. He was in Foster Care for 3 weeks and he became mine Wed September 14, 2016. I had been searching for months, even prior to Beefy passing to find another rescue dog. The day prior to Michael’s passing he tells me it’s time for me to get another dog. My sister tells me I will get one after Mike’s Celebration of Life on Sept 11 and he is adopted on September 14!

Harley's first day

My parents had been waiting to come visit me….I wanted them to come after the Celebration of Life, but didn’t know when. As soon as I found out I could get Tex, I called them about taking a road trip. They drove from MN to WI on Sept 12. We started our drive to Tulsa on Sept 13. It was a very nice trip with my parents. We ended up where my dad grew up in Lamoni, Iowa. We saw the house he grew up, his relatives houses, and the cemetery. Lots of great conversation and precious time spent together. I adopted Tex on Sept 14….he was a scared little boy. Everything was new to him, but he was very sweet. The first night in the hotel room he tried to steal my pizza! Even though he was scared, he was spunky…and I knew we were meant to be!!!!


September 14th was a day that Michael and I planned our Harley ride to Tomahawk, WI. It is similar to Sturgis, but on a smaller scale.  We had planned to spend 5 days there. It was very difficult for me to know what we were supposed to do together during that time. It definitely helped to rescue Tex….but that wasn’t going to be his name. In honor of the day was got him, in honor of our time Michael and I loved riding…Tex was renamed Harley.

Happy Harley

He has settled in very nicely. He definitely rescued me! He is a sweet little snorty boy, with lots of charm. He is a boy that I ABSOLUTELY KNOW Michael sent to me.

This is one of my very favorite videos. I was walking through the house filming and wasn’t getting anything. Then I heard Michael tell me to go to the bedroom…and I got him with Harley! The different size ORBS are AMAZING….never seen anything like it!

On Christmas Eve, my son, Eric and I went to the local Harley Davidson Dealership to pick up a new collar for Harley that I special ordered. Then we went to a favorite tavern to have a Bloody Mary, I knew Harley would be allowed in. This was the picture of us….take a look at Harley’s eyes…Christmas Eve and a dog with red and green eyes…WOW! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it! Definitely another sign My Beloved Michael was spending Christmas Eve with us!

Christmas Harley

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I invite you to share your stories about Michael….you can either send them to me to publish, or write them in the comments. He’s a POWERFUL ENERGY….just talk to him…invite him to connect with you.

Much love and Many Blessings to You and Your Family…

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