My Michael…My SoulMate…Our Story


Heidi and Mike

I had been searching for my Soul Mate for years. I had been married young, at 19, my son at 25, and divorced by 32. I stayed single for years. Meeting lots of men, having a lot of first dates, but knowing in my heart that they weren’t right, and I would move on. I felt very comfortable being the ‘Single’ Girl and hanging out with my friends. There was even a Valentine’s Day that I had spent it with 5 couples and myself! I just knew deep in my heart that this time was for me, for me to grow and learn. So I was a sponge, soaking up as much as I could spiritually. I evolved quite a bit during this time. After my son graduated, I finally felt it was time for me…time for me to settle down, find the ‘right one’. I stepped up my search for the ‘Right One’ 

I continued to meet many men…but they weren’t right…I knew in my heart that God had a much bigger, better, more beautiful plan for someone to be in my life…someone much better than anyone I had previously met. I had been going through a rough winter…Wisconsin Winters can sometimes be pretty lonely. I was doing as much spiritual work as I could to keep me going.

I had bought Doreen Virtue’s book, Archangel Michael. I took it with me to a doctor appointment on June 25, 2014…to get everything checked…since I was in my late forties…and hadn’t been to one for a while. I took the book with me to read in the waiting room. I was reading about how to ask for signs that he is around you. I really needed to know that this Strong, Powerful, Archangel was around me…watching over me. I asked him to show me signs. To let me know he was with me.  I really felt connected to Archangel Michael, but I wanted proof that he was with me, watching over me, protecting me.


I was invited by girlfriends to go to Bike Night at Quaker Steak and Lube that night, Madison County was the band that was playing. I really didn’t want to go…there would be a big crowd. Besides the intense doctors appointment, my parents had been staying with me for a week and just left that morning. I really just wanted to be by myself. But I summoned up the energy to go…thinking I could leave anytime….Little did I know how much my life would change!

As I was waiting at the bar to get a drink, I noticed a man to my right walk up. Next thing I know he was getting served, while I was still waiting my turn. So of course, I had to give him shit about cutting in front of me. We talked briefly…then went our separate ways….but I immediately felt drawn to this man. After bike night, I went to Monkey Shines…a local bar to hear my friends sing karaoke. As soon as I walked in…there he was…playing pool. Our eyes connected…we started to speak and I found out his name was Michael….WOW!!!! He found out that I loved to ride….took my business card and called me later that week.

 (By the way both of these places I went regularly, but I never saw him before!) Now two places in the same evening!

Moving forward….On our 3rd date we went to a house party, he wasn’t talking to me, but was behind me. I overheard him talking about an Archangel…I turned around said, “Archangel, Archangel who?” He said, “Well Archangel Michael of course…that is who I was named after!” (He was joking…but to this day…I have no idea why he mentioned Archangel Michael. ) 

We discovered we have the same birth date…different year…but same date. August 25th. I would see Angel lights all the time around him, especially during the tough times. Many times I would look at him and see the lights flickering right above his head…or I would hug him…look behind him and see Angel lights.  We would lay in bed in the morning at his house…and I would see these Angel lights above him. I saw them so much more around him, in his house. Even though I have seen these lights throughout my life, I have never seen them connected to any particular person! I know that God, Archangel Michael and other’s put us together. I immediately knew after we met that my Michael was extremely connected to Archangel Michael…they both have the Warrier …Fighter… Protective Spirit. This was my Michael. Always there to Protect. I gave him an Archangel Michael medallion that he kept in his wallet it was still there the day he died.

I know in my heart with his accident…the head on collision March 4th, 2015 that he should have died then. Highway speed, a car turned directly into him, he flipped his S-10, caught on fire…had to have the jaws of life get him out. Archangel Michael was watching over him that day…protecting him…protecting the love of my life. He had 5 surgeries and more to come since the accident…and was never physically the same. He tried to hide it as much as he could…power through the pain and get shit done. I know that he was in pain ALL the time…but he only shared it somewhat with me. He wasn’t going to let the pain stop him from doing what he wanted to do. I also know in my heart that this accident ultimately took his life nearly 1 1/2 years later. The stress this accident had on his body…plus his cancer, getting hit by a drunk driver, etc was just too much and his heart gave out….I always said that he was like a cat with 9 lives…will those lives ran out….

Michael was the love of my life. I waited years for him. We were inseparable since the very beginning. Passionate about life, living life to the fullest, having a much fun as we could, and loving the people we cared about. This was our life. Life with Dorian…getting him the right care he needed in school was a big priority of mine. I love this kid as if he was my own and he needed a lot of special care. 

I loved the house Mike designed and built…it instantly felt like home to me. It’s design was similar to the cabin in MN that my dad built. I loved this house, this property. I would walk it for hours…sit by the trees…snow shoe in the fields…love Mother Nature…Mother Earth. There were times that I spent weeks there…since I could work from home, make my own hrs. I even had a lease with Mike since May 2015…to help him keep his house. Our plan was for me to move completely in with him and make a life at the house with the three of us as a Family…and eventually another rescued French Bulldog to share our life with.

Mike also talked about moving to the Sedona area once Dorian graduated…my thoughts were more as Snowbird’s. We were planning our future, loving our life we were building together and it was shattered in a second.


My life has completely changed, completely uprooted. I lost my Beefy June 7, 2016 and my Michael August 22, 2016. I know both of them are around me, watching over me…but I am devastated…it was all too short…too damn short for a man who was so full of life and love. I am taking it one day at a time…one second…one hour.

Just take it from me…life changes in a second. Tell the people in your life you love them….let them know how much they mean to you…stay in touch with family and friends…stop and smell the roses…take time to have fun…live life!!! My Michael did all of this…learn from him….Much love and blessings to all of you…go hug and love on your loved ones….Heidi

You will forever be my SoulMate…in my heart….bonded through eternity. I love you with all my heart and soul…my Michael…

3 thoughts on “My Michael…My SoulMate…Our Story

  1. I love your story Heidi. I share your birth name and I share your birth date. I know you are devastated but perhaps this was your calling – to give him love and friendship beyond his wildest dreams knowing that he would soon depart from this physical earth. You were the blessing! We aren’t here to always serve ourselves (I know you know that). Your path was to be there for him and you were. What a gift to know you so touched another human being. Most of us can only wish for something like that. You were chosen! How awesome! But I know your heart is heavy.


  2. Heidi….My deepest sympathy. Thank you for sharing your story in meeting Michael and how life evolved. Thank to Heidi Rechter for your enlightenment towards Heidi K’s recent tragedies. It was heartfelt to read and so true. Continue to take the time you need to heal. With Prayers and Peace, Connie Studnicka, Richland Center WI.

    PS I met you both at a wellness event at the Sheraton Hotel.

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