Archangel Guidance for April 19th


Justice Archangel Raguel:

Fair and just decisions. Do what you know is right. Stand up for your beliefs.

This card comes to you because you’re trying to make a decision. The Angels guide you to be wise and carefully consider your decisions, with fairness extended toward everyone involved, (including yourself). If you can’t be objective in this matter, seek out someone who can act as an arbitrator.
The Justice card also encourages you to always do what is right and in doing so, you can know that justice is always on your side. If you find yourself in a situation where someone has the ability to make a judgment or evaluation in your favor or not, drawing the Justice card is a very good indication that things will go your way, but legal contracts should be reviewed very carefully before signing.

Justice also asks you to stand up for your beliefs, to know that you’re right, and to hold firm to your convictions.

This card also means that this decision will be made in your favor: if you’re currently in a legal dispute, it will turn out positively for you.

When you make decisions or interact with others, you’re accountable for your actions. Justice looks at the way you treat those around you. If you were kind and fair to everyone and acted with integrity, then Justice will be proud of your growth and will defend you. With this card, you are taught to stand up for yourself when you know that you’re right. Justice also ask you to be activists this in your own way. If you see injustice or unkindness in the world, you’re asked to call attention to it. Each of us has concerns that touch our hearts, and we need not to try to change everything in the world. If we all were to pursue the causes that mean most to us, then the worlds inequalities would be resolved.

In the picture, Archangel Raguel floats between two pillars that gives the appearance of belonging to a court of law. He carries perfectly balanced scales to show fairness and objective choices. He also carries an upright sword. This shows you that justice is double edge. On one side, it makes fair and just decisions, on the other side, it expects accountability, demanding that you remain in your highest integrity.

Angel number:

Justice is card number 8. This number is often considered to be related to material prosperity and abundance, and that’s true. However, the very shape of the number shows an even structure of two natures. It has an understanding of right and wrong, black and white, light and dark. This number is committed to karmic balancing.

Archangel Raguel is known for being the Angel to call upon when you find yourself in challenging situations with another person. He softens the energy and brings about reconciliation and compromise… Perfect for justice! He creates harmony within relationships, and can help you make decisions that involve other people. Call upon regularly to bring about peace between you and others. Raguel’s halo is pale blue

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If you would like a more extensive Reading, personalized just for you,
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Here are a number of Testimonials for my Readings! 

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