New Moon Abundance Check for April 7th


Today, April 7th is the Aries New Moon….Here’s another way to Manifest with Mother Moon! us, we will continue to feel the New Moon’s powerful energy over the next few days.  Here is an Abundance Check for Manifesting Abundance with the New Moon! Happy Manifesting!!!

Follow the directions on the photo, then you can take it outside and burn it. Give it to Mother Moon, to God, the Universe. Put your positive energy, your desires into this check and let it go! You can also take the check and put it somewhere in your house, somewhere special. It can go on your Vision Board, it can go under your bed or between the mattress’, under your heart chakra, to keep that loving energy flowing.

Here’s how to Manifest with the New Moon!

The New Moon is all about Manifesting, creating the life you desire, planting your seeds to create this beautiful life. Remember, that there’s no limit to the Universe. Our good fortune doesn’t take away from others and there is no lack. There’s always more than enough for everyone!

By giving thanks to the Universe for what we have and for unknown blessings on their way, more will be provided for us. We need to thank our Angels for the blessings we are now receiving! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!


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