Archangel Guidance For the Weekend of 3/25-3/27


Here is your message from the Archangels for the weekend of March 25th-27th. The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now! I have a attached Reiki Distance healing to Everyone reading this!!! Much love, light and blessings!

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 Release- Archangel Azrael:

Lol… I shouldn’t be surprised that I pulled this one card for this weekend it seems to be the trend this week! RELEASE!!! With Spring’s arrival…. it’s time to let go of what no longer serves you. There is no benefit for you in keeping this unwanted, lower energy. Instead shake it off and welcome in the new! You may experience a sense of relief at the ending, or there may be some sadness. Either way it’s time to leave that what you outgrown.

Take your time adjusting to this change in your life. It’s not necessary to rush ahead. Be kind to yourself during this period of transition. Do things specifically for yourself, a massage, a Reiki Energy healing, or even a salt bath would help you with releasing this energy from your body. Meditate…take time to go within…listen to your Intuition….spend time with Mother Nature… All of these things would be really good for you to help you raise your vibration and let these unwanted energies go.

Reach out to friends or family, to help you get through this time. It’s also an excellent time to face your fears so that you can be in complete control of your future.

There may be transitions that you welcome and have brought about out of your own free will, and you may even be relieved. Or there may be sadness in the completion that you have to work through. The Release card often brings with it great spiritual insights and personal transformation.

Now, of course, with endings, come new beginnings, and so it is with the Release card. You’re being asked to stand in the moment and experience it…. this is what I meant by taking care of yourself and going within. In order to grow, you mustn’t just rush past this letting go….releasing. There’s great emotional and spiritual enlightenment to be had, as long as you take the time to smell those White Roses along the path.

In the picture Archangel Azrael stands with his arms outstretched, ready to embrace you. On his robe as a Phoenix, the bird that is forever reborn, as he will be reborn from your challenges. He walks through a field of white roses, symbolizing purity of intention, but they’re also a symbol of rebirth. In the background, a white horse comforts her young. Horses have many symbolic meanings, but among them is the freedom to move on to other places.

Additional meanings of this card:

Inevitable positive changes. Facing your fears. Relationship transitions. Spiritual evolution.

Angel Number:

The number 13 is considered a karmic number. Many view it as unlucky, but that’s simply not true. What is more often the case is at this number brings with it a time of change and transformation in your life. It’s a number that’s also associated with the ascended masters, such as Jesus, Mother Mary, and Buddha, who are willing to guide you to a new and much happier life.

Archangel Azrael is the most elegant and tender of all the archangels. He comes with the power of the grace of God to comfort you and walk with you through any challenging times. He also heals your heart when changes and losses bring about grieving. Call upon Ariel to help you move forward fearlessly and let go of the past. His name means whom God helps, and his color is creamy white


If you would like a more extensive Reading, personalized just for you,
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Here are a number of Testimonials for my Readings! 

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