My Own Twin Flame Story!

Many people have asked me about my own Twin Flame story…wanting to know how things happened for me. One of the main things I can say is I asked for help from the other side, the Divine, Source, God, the Angels to give me signs. My story is below…but just so you know…I still watch for signs….as I looked at him this morning….he was once again surrounded by angel lights….they were flooding the room…but he was the focal point!


I had been searching for my Twin Flame for years. I had been married young, at 19, my son at 25, and divorced by 32. This is when I really started my Spiritual Journey. I stayed single for years. Meeting lots of men, having a lot of first dates, but knowing in my heart that they weren’t right, and I would move on. I felt very comfortable being the ‘Single’ Girl and hanging out with my friends. There was even a Valentine’s Day that I had spent it with 5 couples and myself! I just knew deep in my heart that this time was for me, for me to grow and learn. So I was a sponge, soaking up as much as I could spiritually. I evolved quite a bit during this time….and actually still am! After my son graduated, I finally felt it was time for me…time for me to settle down, find the ‘right one’. I stepped up my search and a lot of the Spiritual work, the Energy work, that I did during that time…I am sharing with you in my Online Twin Flame Workshop. One of the things I discovered was my Twin Flame Imposter…a couple of them. These were men from my Soul Mate Family….from other lifetimes….that weren’t here for my highest good. They had the initial look of a Twin Flame, but shortly after meeting them, would show their true colors and I would realize that they weren’t for me in this lifetime. As heartbreaking as this was….I knew deep down that I had to move on.

I would pick myself back up and continue my search….knowing that God had a much bigger, better, more beautiful plan for someone to be in my life…someone much better than anyone I had previously met. One morning I was reading a book on Archangel Michael. I was asking Archangel Michael to show me signs that Archangel Michael is around me. I really felt connected to Michael, but I wanted proof that he was with me, watching over me, protecting me.


That night I went out with my girlfriends and I met Mike (Michael). I immediately felt drawn to him, felt like I had known him for years. Our interaction was short where we first met. I went onto another place with my girlfriends….and there he was playing pool. (both of these places I went regularly, but I never saw him before!) Now two places in the same evening! …Moving forward….On our 2nd date we went to a house party, he wasn’t talking to me, but was behind me. I overheard him talking about an Archangel…I turned around said, “Archangel, Archangel who?” He said, “Well Archangel Michael of course…that is who I was named after!” After that we discovered we have the same birth date…different year…but same date. I see Angel lights all the time around him, especially during the tough times. Last week I looked at him and saw the lights flickering right above his head! Even though I have seen these lights throughout my life, I have never seen them connected to any particular person! I know that God, Archangel Michael and other’s put us together. I also know that it is my Soul’s Journey to help others on their Spiritual Path, on their journey to find their own Twin Flame!

The things that I share with you in my Twin Flame/Soul Mate Workshop are all things that I did myself. Twin Flame Online Workshop

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Twin Flame/Soul Mate Online Workshop

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 Much Love, Light, Joy and Many Blessings! Enjoy! 

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