Archangel Guidance Results for March 21st


Here is your message from the Archangels for March 21st. The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now! I have a attached Reiki Distance healing to Everyone reading this!!! Much love, light and blessings!

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A. )   The World/Archangel Michael:

A job well done! Enjoy, contentment, and gratitude. The path toward enlightenment.

The World indicates moving to the next level in your personal life or career. There may be a promotion or a new position that’s both challenging and promising and are your future. It can reflect moving to a new home or city.

The Angels sent you this card because you happily completed something of great importance. They’re congratulating you on a job well done. You’re now ready to move on to something new. Enjoy your feelings of wholeness and completion, and give yourself a pat on the back for your amazing accomplishments!

This card is also one of enlightenment. You followed your own evolution, and you have complete clarity, which provides you with an understanding of where you want to go next. Just listen to your heart, your soul, your intuition. You’ve grown spiritually and have evolved to a whole new level in your understanding of the Universe. You experience significant enlightenment and have expanded your consciousness of how to attain joy and contentment. You feel a great sense of gratitude.

In the picture on The World card, above Michael’s head and at his feet is the infinity sign, representing eternal life. You may have accomplished your task, but there will always be far more for you to create!

Additional meanings of this card:

Perfection. I move to the next level. Receiving an award. A new house or job. Complete clarity. Cosmic awareness. Recognition for the use of your talents. Freedom.

Angel number:

The number 21 is one of success and creativity. The Angels revel in the path that you followed to this point, and you may even feel an energetic pat on the back. Now you’re asked to remain on the path of optimism and positive thinking so that you can attain even more.

Archangel Michael, is the protector of planet Earth. His aura colors are blue-violet and gold. Archangel Michael oversees your Divine life purpose, and he knows what roles your soul has been born to fulfill. Call upon Michael for guidance as to your next steps, and for the courage, strength, and confidence to take them. Michael will definitely help assist you, all you have to do is ask him.


B.) Strength, Archangel Ariel

This card comes to you because you need to understand that you are much stronger than you realize. You can definitely handle your current situation. However, instead of powering through it, you’re better off with an approach of compassion, kindness, and gentleness. The strength that this situation calls comes from the softness of a spiritual core.

Often for true kindness to come forth, you must find it within yourself to forgive. You’re asked to let go of any judgements of yourself or others, and view those around you with forgiveness and tolerance.

Your strength and effectiveness increase as you believe in yourself and your ability to grow from the experiences you have in life. Look upon challenges as opportunities to learn and apply your knowledge and magical touch.

There’s another way to power your dreams besides pure determination… You can also do it with kindness. Exercising compassion is a critical aspect on your journey towards Enlightenment.

In the picture, you discover Archangel Ariel working with a tiger….One of Nature’s Most Powerful animals. Her kindness toward the Tiger has brought her cooperation that she could never have attained with Brute Force. The tiger is a symbol of great strength and courage, however the tiger is her Ally not her servant. The Tiger is content to work with Archangel Ariel due to her love of nature. Beauty and Angelic wisdom move in Harmony with the power and soulfulness of the animal kingdom. Behind Ariel is a city…. although they’re clearly moving out into the forest. The comforts of civilization live in harmony with the Wilds of nature.
Doves of Peace fly ahead of this Duo as they move further along in their Adventure. Archangel Ariel carries a shield that has a dove with the symbol of the infinity sign in its beak. Doves represent peace, and the infinity sign tells us that there’s no and to be peace that you can create. The doves paired with a tiger also tell you that true strength is wielded in peace.

Angel Number:

Strength is card 11, and is considered a master number. Due to this numbers deep connection with inner wisdom, its able to manifest amazing things, best bringing with it an obligation to remain in a positive and uplifting energy. This number is also connected with great spiritual insights and often implies a sense of responsibility that encourages acting in ways that display a purity of conscious.

Archangel Ariel’s name means “lioness of God”. She’s also the Archangel most closely associated with nature and animals. She works in tandem with Archangel Raphael in the healing of animals and is a favorite of environmentalists, because she is so close to the Earth. She’s known for her ability to manifest the material needs of those who call upon her….home, food, clothing and so forth. Call upon her for strength and support…if you’re worried about finances or desperate times. Her aura color is pale pink.

C.) The Empress: Archangel Gabriel:

Lavish abundance. Give birth to your dreams. Nurture yourself and others.

When the Empress card is drawn, it’s time to stop pondering your fate and get busy! It’s a time of amazing prosperity, and you can be assured that you’ll be very successful at everything you put your mind to. The Empress is a sure sign of the ability to manifest your dreams. Your creativity and hard work are bringing you great rewards. You have the Midas touch right now, so anything you nurture and give your loving attention to will flourish. Marriage, children, and issues involving motherhood and creativity are positively affected now. Whether you’re trying to give birth to a child, nurture life into plants or pets, or help a new project or business to grow, your creative endeavors will be successful.

As I said, this card can be in an indicator of an impending pregnancy or the birth of a child, this can also include adoption. Motherhood and maternal issues are within the Empress’s domain, so nurturing yourself or those around you is something this card is very concerned with. However, you need to remember that “giving birth” can be a metaphor for beginning a beloved project or a new phase in your life. Your “baby” might be a business you just opened or a book you’re in the process of writing.

Enjoy the beautiful things in life, make sure that while you’re nurturing those around you, take some time to do something luxurious for yourself. Spend some time in nature, buy yourself a beautiful piece of jewelry, or seek out healing experiences such as massage or Reiki….( and I know a great Reiki Master / energy healer energy healer 😉 Enjoy the beautiful things in life knowing that you deserve to be wonderfully provided for. Take excellent care of your body with massage, yoga, or anything that makes you feel healthy, vibrant and luxurious.

The Empress teaches you to take action and to harness your self-confidence in order to create wonderful things. Many see her as the embodiment of Mother Nature, full of abundance and creativity. From her, you will learn that you’re able to do many things at once if you’re committed and dedicated to your cause… Which is incredibly exciting!

Your optimism is contagious, and suddenly you’re raring to go… There’s no holding back. The Empress’s ability to surround herself with luxurious and beautiful things also teaches you that by putting all of your efforts and passions into your endeavors, you will be richly rewarded.

In the picture, in the background, you see a waterfall that falls into a stream leading toward the Empress. This water represents the physical manifestation of the epiphanies that you have been receiving. The Empress is surrounded by abundant life, including cypress trees that symbolized the strength of your convictions to achieve your goals. The Empress is Archangel Gabriel. And she is holding a baby. This shows that this is a moment of great opportunity for manifesting whatever you wish to create. The butterflies are symbols of evolution, since they can transform themselves from caterpillars into beautiful, winged creatures. Surrounding the Empress are many symbols from nature. The baby bear reminds us of its magical ability to hibernate and then to reawaken in the spring. Your time of is in the past, spring is nearing…it’s time to wake up! The tender nature of the deer remind you to be kind to yourself and others as you take on this new time of creation. Squirrels are famous for gathering nuts to get ready for winter. They represent the need to be prepared, as well as an invitation to make your task playful and enjoyable. The cougar is a very powerful animal that acts with confidence and self-assurance. It asks that we take charge of our own lives and not allow others to dissuade us from our goals.

Angel number:

The Empress is card number 3, she is very much like an Ascended Master, taking the wisdom she’s garnered in her life and creating great things with it. The number 3 is also connected to creativity, innovation, and communication.

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger Angel who guides and supports the expectant and adoptive parents… As well as those involved in newborn creative projects. Call upon Gabriel to inspire your creative ideas and give you the courage and the opportunities to express them. Her name means the strength of God, and she’s often portrayed caring a great trumpet to awaken those who slumber and call them to action. She’s known for appearing in copper colors.


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