Card Reading Results for 05/26



Here are the results for the Angel Therapy Oracle cards for May 26th. Enjoy!

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A. ) Vacuum Away Fear :

Call upon Archangels Michael and Raphael to lift fear-based energy from you, this includes your body, your surroundings, your home, your business, where you spend a lot of time, a certain situation, and anyone involved.

We live in a fear-based society. Much of this fear we have absorbed just through our daily living. Growing up, living with this fear just has become the norm. how fearful we have become. This fear holds us back…. it holds us back from the life we dream of. The life we were born to live.

Call upon Archangel Michael for his power and strength to help you through this fear. Step into the fear one baby step at a time. Trusting that you are supported by Michael’s unconditional love. Call upon Archangel Raphael to help heal this fear based energy. Let him help clear and heal you.

Thank you, Michael and Raphael, for this healing. Please now fill this body with your diamond bright white light to heal and protect.”

B.) Clear Yourself:

Ask the angels to release any toxic energies that you may have absorbed.

The Angels see that you’re carrying some lower energies. Because of your high sensitivity and compassion, you may have absorbed this negativity from other people’s fears. These toxic energies may have also sprung from your own past fears. Regardless of their material source, your angels want to help you clear your energy field.

It’s a good idea to ask for angelic clearing whenever you’ve experienced a harsh situation where arguing, intense competition, violence, or substance abuse has occurred. As a sensitive Lightworker, you sometimes and unwittingly carry others painful energy in a well-intentioned desire to be helpful (but please ask the angels to shoulder this pain from now on, as they’re equipped to handle is radioactive toxicity without harming themselves.)

“Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please use your Divine healing energy to lift energies of fear, anger, or jealousy from my back, neck, and shoulders. Please help me feel compassion for those who may have sent me lower energies my way so that they may be healed by Divine love. Thank you for clearing away toxic, fear based energies and entities from within and around me.”

C.) Visualize Success:

See yourself doing well in this situation, and have faith in a positive outcome.

The Angels want to boost your confidence and relieve you of worries about this situation. Part of this process involves holding positive visions for yourself and the other people involved. When you expect the best, you inspire the best in yourself and others.

This situation you’re inquiring about depends on your faith in, and a firm vision of, a successful outcome. Fortunately, the Angels can help you hold a high and clear vision of success. Just ask them for his help, and it’s done. Give any concerns about “how” this positive outcome will occur to God and the angels. – “how” it is taken care of by God’s infinite wisdom and love.


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