Card Reading Results for 03/03

Here are the results for the Archangel Oracle cards for March 3rd.

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A. ) Life Review:

Take some time out for yourself, spend some time alone and get yourself grounded. Take a walk, a long leisurely shower or a bath. Get yourself feeling good, clear your energy and start looking back on your life, the different events. If there are things you realize you are doing but aren’t happy with, take note, write it down so you don’t forget. Take a look at patterns, good one’s and one’s that no longer serve you. See where you have learned your lesson….see where you can make changes. You might even consider doing this over a period of time, check in with yourself and see what progress you have made, along with what changes you want to make…then take action!

Take a look at the things you are grateful for in your life, in your past. Your past has made you who you are today….maybe even make a list of these and keep the list close by, so you can look at it periodically. We all are a lot different from our 6 yr old self, our 16 year old self, our 26 year old self and so on. Be grateful for the life you have lived!

Ask Archangel Jeremial to help you balance your energy, your life. Ask him to heal those areas that need healing and ask him to clear energy that no longer serves you. He is here to help assist you on your life’s journey.

B.) Creative Writing:

Start writing down those little nudges you get, those little inspirations about your life. This is your soul talking with you, your heart, and even the angels. Pay attention to even the smallest idea, don’t dismiss it, it’s a seed. Later on you will understand what it’s about. You could write down little notes, big stories, blogs, whatever your heart desires, just let it flow out of you. This is your 5th chakra (throat) needing to find it’s voice, to communicate, either just to you privately or sharing it with others. This is part of your soul’s journey. Honor it. Get quiet, give yourself some space, and listen. Write down whatever you hear.

Invite Archangel Gabriel to assist you. She is the messenger angel, helping you write and journal…delivering healing messages.

C.) Crystal-Clear Intentions:

Take time to pray for guidance on the direction you want your life to take. Visualize it, feel it, daydream about it. Put in as many details as you can and really feel your emotions. Let this dream, this energy flow out of you and go to the Divine. Co-create your dream with the Universe! Get as crystal clear as you can. Ask the Angels for signs, for what path to follow. If you don’t see the signs, let them know you need more, easier signs. Be bold, stand in your power, your purpose, and move forward toward your dreams, even if they are little baby steps. With each step the energy increases towards the goal, the power gets stronger. Don’t worry about how your dream will manifest. The angels are helping assist you. You are never alone. They will show you one step at a time to not overwhelm you. Just trust in the process. Have faith. Listen to your heart, your soul. If it all feels right, you are on the right path. Let the energy flow…ask and be ready to receive!

Archangel Michael will help you get crystal clear on your intentions. If you are having problems getting clear, focusing, letting the fear creep in, just ask Archangel Michael to assist you on clearing unwanted, old, fear based energy that no longer serves you. Ask him to help raise your vibration so you can co-create your dreams, your life with the Universe!


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