Talking to Heaven 02/12

Think of a person in Heaven with whom you would like to communicate…..Heaven hears your thoughts.
***If you are reading this card/blog…this message was sent for you from your Loved One! ♡♡♡

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The Earth is Our School


” We often forget, when living in a physical body, that earth isn’t are true home; heaven is. Heaven is a lot like Earth, with people, animals, flowers, trees, and such. The difference is that up here, there is no competition to meet physical needs. After all, you don’t have to eat or pay taxes in heaven! You do have responsibilities, but they’re part of your life purpose, so they are joyful. For that reason, everyone in heaven is relaxed, forgiving, happy, and loving.

“We go to Earth to experience life in a physical body. It’s like going away to boarding school. Once you have a physical body, the ego becomes apparent, because everyone is competing and struggling to take care of their physical demands. But if you can rise above those energies, you learn how to bring Heaven’s love to earth. It can take multiple lifetimes to grasp this simple yet not-so-simple concept.

“Fortunately, I’m here to help you learn what’s really important for your spiritual growth…love. The more you can see yourself and others through Heaven’s loving eyes, the more you’ll understand that everyone is doing the best they can. You’ll have compassion for yourself and others, and that is when you’ve mastered your schoolwork!”

This is the “Talking to Heaven” cards by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh. Enjoy!

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