Trust Your Vibes: 01/11

Trust Your Vibes cards by Sonia Choquette are to help activate and strengthen your sixth sense. They will help you deepen your connection To God, your Higher Self, Angels, spirit guides, and helpers from the Other Side.

Body Talk!


Does your gut rumble, your chest tighten, and the hair on your arms rise in certain situations? Does your heart race and your head pound? Do you get a lump in your throat at other times? Pay close attention to these signals because your body is talking to you, and what it’s saying is important. It has a language of its own, unique and consistent and with a little awareness you’ll begin to read what your body’s vibes are trying to tell you-whether it’s a warning or a good vibe.

Learn to read your body’s vibes by running a mental scanner over it several times a day, asking yourself, “How do I feel physically right now?” Take your awareness a step further and actually talk to your body. Ask it aloud for feedback, and trust what you get. Don’t overthink it: take the first thought or feeling that pops up as accurate, and use the information to guide you. This is 6th sensory health insurance.

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