Card Reading Results for Dec 16


These are the results for the Archangel Michael cards for December 16th.  Please post your comments!  I love to hear feedback!

A.) Romance Angels are helping you!

This card validates that your prayers concerning your love life have been heard and answered. There is a special group of ethereal beings called the Romance Angels who specifically work with matters of the heart. These angels are giving you intuitive guidance to prepare for your great love.

To manifest a soulmate romance, you must express the qualities you desire in a partner. So the Romance Angels may ask you to make healthful lifestyle changes; focus on self-improvement; learn additional, interesting hobbies; or make new friends. The more that you listen to your intuition, the faster your prayers for a loving relationship will be answered.

Possible specific meanings:

The person you’re asking about is your soulmate. You will experience a happy change in your present relationship. You are learning to love yourself. You will soon meet someone special by following your guidance. Listen to your intuition concerning exercise, diet, and other aspects of self-improvement.


Dear guardian angels of my soulmate, thank you for preparing my soulmate and me for love, for giving us the motivation to make healthful life changes, and for arranging for us to meet. Thank you for helping us recognize each other and have the courage to say “Hello”, so that we can eventually delve into a truly intimate relationship.

B.) Forgive Yourself: you’ve done nothing wrong:

Archangel Michael sees that guilt is interfering with the happiness you seek. You’re blaming yourself for something that’s in the past, but it’s time to let it go–especially since self-blame is unproductive and unhealthy. In truth, you’ve done nothing wrong. You were doing the best you could do at the time.

Possible specific meanings:

Think and speak lovingly about yourself. Stop ruminating about the past. Send blessings to those you’re angry with as a way of healing yourself in the situation. Know that you can’t control other people’s feelings or reactions. Join a support group such as al-anon.


I ask that you help me let go of the self blame and forgive myself. Please guide me in releasing any toxic anger or fear towards others. Thank you, Archangel Michael, for allowing me to feel centered and at peace.

C.) Focus Upon Divine and Perfect Health:

Archangel Michael says that the key to good health is to focus upon your well-being instead of on sickness or injury. You drew this card as a reminder to stay centered on your desires not your fears. Bodies react instantly to love and fear, so choose the former in this situation. Pour genuine affection and blessings into every cell. Visualize and expect perfect health for yourself and others. Speak of yourself and loved ones in terms of perfect health, affirming that all is well.

Possible specific meanings:

You’ll notice an improvement in your health. Follow your intuition regarding health and healing. Your life’s purpose involves healing. Make positive changes to your lifestyle. Use uplifting affirmations, especially about health. Seek a second medical opinion.


God and Archangel Michael, thank you for continuously reminding me to focus upon perfect health, and for guiding my actions so that they support my well-being.


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