Card Reading Results for Dec 3rd


These are the results for the Soul Coaching cards. Please post your comments, I would love to hear!

Just as a new sprout pushes through the soil into the light, you are emerging. Ideas and things that have been incubating within you for a long time are now moving toward manifestation.

Your soul wants you to know: this is an exciting time for you… truly a period of new beginnings. Things for which you’ve been patiently waiting for a long time are about to manifest. A new seedling is most vulnerable, however, just as it emerges through the earth. It needs to be nourished and protected until its strong enough to whether harsh climates, so you must take care to nurture your dreams and yourself in this tender time. Rest, eat well, drink plenty of water, and take healing baths. Get ready: A new, joyous path awaits you.

Affirmation: “I am emerging into the light with joy and Ease!”

B.) Transformation:

Positive changes are coming. Old structures, beliefs, and ideas are falling away and will be replaced with vitality and new pathways. Soon you’ll be seeing the world in a fresh way.

Your soul wants you to know: Like the Phoenix that rises majestically from the ashes, a big change in your life is at hand. You’re at the beginning, in the middle, or at the completion of an enormous transformation in your life. Don’t hold on to old structures and limited ways of thinking. Even if it looks as if you’re in murky waters, this is only the clearing that occurs just before we birth. It’s all for your highest good!

Affirmation: “I am joyously centered and safe as wonderful changes occur around me!”

C.) Inspiration:

Open to Divine inspiration! You inspire others. Immense creativity, motivation, and energy are expanding in your life.

Your soul wants you to know: Life without the fire of new ideas is dull and separates you from all that is sacred. Creativity and inspiration are, in fact, receptivity….being open to the Creator. Even if the motivation that occurs seems unusual or strange, welcome new ideas and fresh ways of viewing the world. Open yourself to the deep- flowing wellspring of visions, ideas, and intuition that dwell within you. Through the morning mists, their golden light or sunset, the wind in the trees, and the gentle thoughts at the edge of your mind, let God’s wonderful ideas stimulate, enliven, enrich, and revitalize you.

Affirmation: I am receiving Divine inspiration right now!”

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